maCam kiMora Lee siMMons


dat's her trademark..perh..kinda impress..she's a moghul..a mother of two..former model.
she has it all..FAME N FORTUNE..hoho..
see..pic above shows kimora the "it" her beloved angels..why am i writing about her..cisss....coz i'm her big fan lah....i adore her spirit to stardom..
whatelse..emm..craziness inside conciouss..ape2 jelah..sooner or later..i wanna indulge myself..being a busineeswoman..i love to thrive under pressure..eventho i noe..sooner or later i'm gonna be a vet..i just love the busy lifestyle..most of all..being a MOM..a soccer the future..i want just like dat..perfect..perfect happy fmely..n i'm happy for KLS..cos she got a new husband n a baby..hmm..speaking of husband..x tawulah..what kind of criteria i should put...emm..i'm "go with the flow" type of long as..he's sweet..religious..n sempoi cam ak jgak..heheh..n one thing..a guy from Melaka will be rejected..coz i'm traumatized with a Melaka boy...ASMA!..promise urself not to date with a Melaka guy thing about Melaka guy is dat..they r's just dat..emm..x nk btau lah..i wanna keep it as a secret..but still..i had fun with that Melaka guy..haha

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