frenship lagi!

in frenship..i don't need an appreciation..

aku x nak hadiah pown dari korang coz i got everything
ak cume nk korang INGAT ak..that's all..

just text me a message saying that "asma!..ak rindu kaw!" means a whole lot to me
that's all..nothing more n nothing less..
aku cume nk korang ingat..that shows me i'm exist in front of u guys..
that's all..

in friendship..
ak benci bile ak dh berkorban byk benda..die x ingt pn jase ak..
boleh lgi die kate.."i dun need anyone else..coz i can be on my own"
dlm hati ak cume bermonolog "f**k u!..i helped u a lot..u didn't see me!"

sedangkan org yg jauh dari aku ingt come yg ade di depan mata x boleh ingt?.baik lelaki mahupun perempuan, sama saja..ak x rase susah pown bile tlong org sbb ak ikhlas..but once i've considered u as a friend, u just can't forget about me.

ALL I WANT IS JUST NOT TO FORGET ABOUT ME! bcoz to me friendship is everything.they r wrong if they think they can survive by their own feet,but then who always be the one who give the shoulders to cry on?..f**k to people who doesn't appreciate FRIENDSHIP..

anjakan paradigma:-!..knape laa kaw ni prasan sgt ko ni PENTING? kaw tu umpama a plankton in a big ocean. so, please keep in ur mind dat no body needs u. they need u when they really2 need u lah, next thing, they'll dumb u, x kirelah dlm tong smph ke, tepi longkang ke, mane2 ke, bile dh senang they don't need to bother to look at ur face anymore..berdikari asma!

yg penting u have to appreciate everybody around u asma! by saying anything nice to ur friends or texting a message, or anything...send a birthday card ke..ape2 jelah long as u don't forget about ur friends n next time don't b*tchin' aroud when people forget about u...that's all from asma winfrey!

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's the new society dat i've joined check the link and u'll know, i don't want to comment further but
it's my job and passion to protect whales from extinction..damn it's soo good to play a part. BTW..i'm a vet student.
my fren has recommended me, add him on my facebook profile ahmad husni..dat's all for now from asma winfrey!

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if u wanna know me better..just FYI..

i'm not mean..i'm just defending myself from a sudden ambush yet i'm crazy but still in control..haha
entry for today is to unveil the real me inside especially life after marriage..i don't wanna explain further.AVA below will pay their role :-

this explains how crazy i am about marrying a complete stranger..n how i insist in LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE..

here's the trailer :-

well, what happens in vegas stays in vegas rite?
x cukop lagi, here's another movies dat describe me the most :-

yep..a moment to's about the hardship in marriage..bese la tuu..
and here's the

i'm not a movie geek but i think those movies describe better about my opinion on

p/s : if u wanna know me better, watch this movie for god sake..haha..that's all for today with ASMA WINFREY!!!..haha

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sengalnye diri ak ini

final exam dh abes..i noe i screwed it all up
it's holiday now n im at my home for 6 days now...
n i'm still a cranky L.O.S.E.R...doin nothing..
datelines r everywhere..
still, i can't get my butt to start my project on Kuala Gandah..
VETSA's t-shirts..urgghh..such a lazy bump..
pity to all my frenz sbb dpt kwn x gune mcm ak..

anjakan paradigma:-

ASMA!!..jgn malas2!!..people r counting on you..
kau yg mulakan perkara ini..kau sendiri yg harus habiskan..tiada siapa melainkan kau!

ASMA!!..fikirlah bahawa hari ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam..
seraplah kembali aura kau..carilah kembali mana pergi dirimu yg hilang..
carilah mana perginya semangatmu yang kian pudar

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~anuGerah rAkan sEbayE~

ini ialah satu pengiktirafan buat kwn2 ku...

1) anugerah beshfrEnku

x jumpe lgi..sapekah org itu?..laki @ p'puan?..tgok r dlu...

2) rakan2 stadi grupku:-

farhan hanif
hezry haizad
aina meducci
akmal ezat
luqman "hot"..heheh
ak sdirik..

3)rakan stadi dunia maya ak :-

Faris Mohd zain....(cet apesal mamat ni tersenarai..huh..ak kene professional)

4)rakan "pemotivasi" aku..:-

 spupuku-mohd rifai ishak

lol..inilah hadiah pengiktirafan ak untok kowang..jage elok2..mug ni ak curik mat salleh punye..google2 trjumpe lak hadiah yg ssuai ntok korang..trimelah..

p/s : bgi nmenye yg x tersenarai..cube lgi tahun hadapan..chill!!..heheh..hadiah tu jage elok2..mahal nih..boleh wat milo malam2..:)

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~somethin' buggin my head~


~self monolog~ 

       i know u've been tryin so hard to be professional asma.. n i know u've been leashing ur guts to tell people the truth about how u feel..come on asma..she is ur friend why can't u just help her to mould herself..she has been thru a lot..the thing can i mould her sedangkan diri ak tidak perfect..i can't bear with her anymore..she is sooo into herself (perasan) n she talks a lot..a person who talks a's like an empty can that produces a loud sounds..

      please don't be hypocrite!..all my life i never expect i would actually met someone like her..all my life i am always with a typical nice girl..wait, she's's just dat i can't bear with her characteristics? of my friends gave me an advice.."asma, why don't u take ur time off for a while by not seeing her for a few days..u make ur self energized back.."..yeap dat was what i actually tried..but..i'm so protective over my friend here..she has a lot of problems n i can't just run away..

 ~for her even i noe she won't know~

        she has been ostracized by her own cliques that is the most awful thing ever happen to her life, n the reason why they're avoiding her is because of her "characteristics" obsessive with herself, always talks about boys which is soo boring coz she always repeats it again n again..n always talks about her family..helloooo!..i noe u love ur family n i luv mine too..but shut the hell's not dat i dunno about u..hello!..i noe u!..n stop telling the same story everytime i hang out with u everyday..sometimes..i enjoy myself sooo much when u r quite..listen friend!..i dun wanna be ur enemy I WANNA BE UR FRIEND..but..everyone has their own limit..can u understand me? n one more..jgn la perasan sgt yg kaw tu rapat sgt dgn lelaki..u dun even mean so much for them pown..plezzz lah..

P/S : seriously i wanna be ur friend well who doesn't?..i wanna be ur best one..i wanna be the one who can share evrything..coz ur sweet baek hati..generous..the sweetest thing on earth n people often think dat we're i'm glad to be ur partner..n i'm glad i can help u to forget ur problems..wanna noe why?..coz i am protective over u..sometimes i might be soo harsh..but this is me?..i'm not like dat "girl" who looks soo sweet but....eventually turn out to be damn rude n stupid..(if u noe to whom i am referring to)..fren..i know who is right n who is wrong..n i'm with u bcoz i noe u're not wrong..they treat u the wrong way..they're only b*tchin around...i mean.."she" is only b*tchin' around.fullstop.

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kaWan oOo kaWan!

ayo!..byknye mslh..
it keeps comin n comin
after one another...

ayo!...byknye mslh...
i got a fren..
she got dump..
i still dunno..

ayo! i know..
coz i spent a lot of times with her lately..
now i know..
patience is not the only key...

ayo! pal said..
just take a space...
i still dunno...

ayo! i noe!
i avoided her..
but pitiness came...
gosh! i hate dat feeling...

i'm puzzled..
what am i suppose to do?

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