~I LoVe yOu~

jgn bacelah
entri ini merupakan entri paling bosan dln hidup aku..
tapi ia sgt bermakna..




aina meducci: hahahahaha
aina meducci: choyyyyyyyyy
asma munshi: 
aina meducci: mak aii buruk sokmo
aina meducci: kahkahkah
asma munshi: hahaha.
asma munshi: comellaaa
aina meducci: oit
aina meducci: tgk nat geo
aina meducci: thai ppl eating cengkerik
asma munshi: OMG..
asma munshi: me?
asma munshi: nat geo?
asma munshi: insya Allah..
asma munshi: hahahahahahaha
aina meducci: dh g alamanda?
asma munshi: x jadi..
asma munshi: mlm ni plak..
asma munshi: tgu adek bongsu..
asma munshi: takot majok..
asma munshi: huhuhu
aina meducci: dia skola kn
aina meducci: ko nk g sane wat pe
aina meducci: shopping
aina meducci: ?
asma munshi: saje jln2..
asma munshi: duet xdak..
asma munshi: jamu mata jelaa..
asma munshi: btw..
asma munshi: i need to get my head off..
asma munshi: rather than thinking about kaum adam.
asma munshi: rite?
aina meducci: hahhahahaha
aina meducci: yup..
asma munshi: intan..
aina meducci: i did the same
asma munshi: now i noe how u feel..
aina meducci: g jln klcc sorang
asma munshi: wow..
asma munshi: hardcore!
aina meducci: 
aina meducci: yela
aina meducci: pastu aku g zoo negara sorang
asma munshi: OMG..
asma munshi: i think i wanna try
aina meducci: u should go to aquaria
asma munshi: yeah..
aina meducci: watching fish soothes u
asma munshi: hari tu dh laa saket perut..
asma munshi: hahaha
aina meducci: hahahah
aina meducci: gi la
aina meducci: try
asma munshi: intan..
asma munshi: why r u sooo helpful?
aina meducci: better go alone..kalau takut g ajak sofiya
aina meducci: well, im not an angel
asma munshi: hahahahaha
aina meducci: but i try to pick the character
asma munshi: 
asma munshi: now u're showing off
asma munshi: hahahah
aina meducci: helping people is one of the good deeds
asma munshi: yeah..
aina meducci: its a win-win situation
asma munshi: we feel good when we help ppl.
aina meducci: yeah......
asma munshi: u noe what..
asma munshi: i'm gonna be the next prime minister
aina meducci: hahhaahahaha
asma munshi: hahahaha
aina meducci: u need to..
aina meducci: revise 
aina meducci: all
aina meducci: the 
aina meducci: history
aina meducci: and 
aina meducci: politics..
aina meducci: world issue
asma munshi: gosh!
asma munshi: me too..
asma munshi: at least i try..
asma munshi: hehehehehehe
asma munshi: i hate sejarah..
asma munshi: but i love subjek titas hari tu..
aina meducci: eleh............
aina meducci: kalu ko dpt titas A
aina meducci: siap la ko..
asma munshi: eh..
aina meducci: xske sejarah kunon!!
asma munshi: ak ptt ckp kt ko !
asma munshi: ko tu..
asma munshi: siap la kalo A
asma munshi: ko gi tido bilik pa'an..
aina meducci: uishh aku mmng ske sejarah
aina meducci: sengal
aina meducci: mane leyh
aina meducci: kalau dh g golok
aina meducci: xpe ar
asma munshi: hahahahah
aina meducci: 
asma munshi: ngamok MR.kamarulzaman nnti
asma munshi: hahahaha
aina meducci: sape weh kamarulzaman??
aina meducci: bapak aku
aina meducci: kamaruzaman
asma munshi: eh..
aina meducci: bpak org lain plak ko ni..
asma munshi: kamaruzaman.
aina meducci: hahahahaahahahahaha
asma munshi: ahhahaha

p/s : i love aina meducci..(die yg pakse ak ckp "i love u" kt die)

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tik tok tik tok

tik tok tik tok tik tok. i'm waiting for the clock to strike 12.
let the prince be ready for his newly twenties.
hopefully.he'll be the true king of the empire.and save the world
long live the prince!

p/s : sudah tua la kamu!

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my latihan industri

4 weeks tho, me and ma pals stayed in KG.kuala Pah
8 members indeed--> ain, ainul,me, shieda,izan,erni,yanti and laili
the staffs are sooooooo nice and they help us a lot while completing the programme
credit todr. alireza and the farm manager DR. khairil in guiding us no matter what..

necropsy (post-mortem) on the goat

disease investigation (DI) on suspected goat
skinning process by MR. silvanatahan

forage harvester
guess where am i?

"puru" on its mouth
pity rite?

oooooooowhhhh ya there!!!
pasture land
feels like i was in the new zealand..(serious)
perfect location to sing hindustani song mehhh

smile MR. Kalahari
u're on camera!!!!
(the fiercest kalahari i ever met..he always bang his head on the wall...freaky!)

water pump to supply water during the drought

disinfecting the's crucial!!!

the eyeball was missing
the rat stole it..
innalillah wa inna ilaihi rajiuun

no peeking!!!!!

waddup ya'll
welcome to ma house!!

p/s : terkena sos cili kt tlinge..pedeyhh!!!
 i miss my teady bear..the big one..huhu


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dan sebenarnya

it's good to be single and it will always be
till i'm 25 la kann..
after that
i'm gonna make sure i'll get married to a man
a real one..not that bapok2 punye..heheh
a man that can thrive under pressure
who can embrace my flaws and all.

but for now..i dun give a shit to smthg that's not real
i'm lookin for smthg it?
i can be close to anyone
i am like a democratic leader who gives choices to her citizen
everyone has their options in life
i noe it's hard to remain professional
we as a human have to pick up the pieces la kann..
all the break ups
ups and down
the memories together
of course it's hard to forget about smthg we loved so much

i'm a person who never stay in a relationship for a long time
i dunno why
mybe becauce i'm afraid of commitment
can u barely live with the same man foreva?????
it's boring...seriously..
but, as a muslimah..hell! i can't change man all the time
bodoh plak rse...

and of course..
we want to be old togetha
having the same rinkle in the face togetha
having grandchildren...with sooooo many of girls..
which i like to dandan2 rambut..haha

i dun want my hubby to be the same age or younger
than me..
this is because...
when i get older, my hubby pulak still strong and young...
bodoh la kalau begitu yeh!
kompem psg dua punye!


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jom bercuti

amma appaa
nk sangaaat pergi dekaaaaaat




pulau perhentian



jom laaa
jom laaaaaaaa
jom laaaaaaaaaaaaaa
bile nk pegi?
kang aku pegi sorang2 kang!
majok nih!

p/s : gedik kau asma!

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owh FIFA..

i admit it
i hate FIFA
it makes me feel like
a lonesome rat in a cage

fakk FIFA!!!

p/s : mggu depan match bes2..x dpt balek tgok FIFA..sedeynyewwwww

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when u just know..u would feel u r stupid

serve u right asma
now u can't stay put
smthg had happened
dat can change my points of view about my own life
am i makin a rite decision..
owwh man!
those people with chromosome xy
those who has testoterone to make them be mature
to be specific..those who has penis
gosh stupid!
they always make me feel confused.lost.wonder

i dun give a damn on creature that has pulse
especially vertebrates..
not reptiles of course
god damn it..
Allah knows the rest..
i just cant be off the hook
i need to stay put

smthg had hapened

p/s : not dat bad laa..i'm still nice mehhhhh..hehehhe.comel lagi.
may Allah bless u.

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hoyy hoyy hoyya hoyy

thoughts for the day




if u're not pretty
it doesn't mean that u're dumb

p/s : hang on tight asma!..if u lose ur grip u would fall..

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flaws and all

it has been almost two weeks i'm stucked in Jelebu. which is the place i'm staying now
for Latihan Industri (LI)..well i dun give a damn pun sebenarnya i'm not that cocky town girl
yg x biase adapt ngan suasana..i'm pretty gud with all dat heavy duty task la kann..
since ma fren said (miss tan tan) my arms are so tough which i thought is she blind?
..haha..that is my fuckin fat hanging on my arm!

last few days ago..terdetik nk tgok gambo2 lame..eseymennn!..
sgt2 la perlu yew untok menguruskan berat bdn...saye mesti!
it is soo embarassing to see all the cellulite and all that jazz..
aje gile..mcm mne ak nk kuruskn bdn 
if all these people cook so great in the middle of Jelebu!
NASI tu SANGAT CRUCIAL a true malay..
i can't eat other than this type of carbs la kann..
i dun wanna be skinny with a size 0..i just wanna be fit..
i wish i could upload n tempek my pics yg menunjukkn lemak di sana sini merata-rata tempt di bdn ku..
tpi..buat ape nak aibkn diri sdiri?..heheh..xde lah aibnyew..malu la beb..
argghhhh!!!..xnk crite lebey la kann..
paham2 sdiri la mne cellulite tu slalu melekat!..huhu

p/s : boleh asma! chaiyookk!

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