forgive and forget

fully satisfied. there, i said it. it has been a quite rough week for me but Alhamdulillah everything went on great. Lately, i have been thinking a lot about "forgive and forget". when you know that you already have some issue with someone. and you feel like you want to give a big punch on his or her face. But eventually you just don't do that because you know it's just wrong. you know that kind of act won't get you any better. Worse, it will make your life more miserable.

So, i decided to slow down a little bit and ponder and ask Allah "where did I go wrong?" "what i've done to myself till it hurts so bad?" "why did i do this to myself?". As for me, like any other girl on earth, i always talk about my feelings to my mother to seek an opinion and advice.

As time goes on, all i need to do is just to forgive and forget. because we are human and we make mistakes. All we have just to do is pray to Allah that everything will be ok, be patient, move on and never look back.

p/s : remember Allah always

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Aina Meducci said...

well done dear! :)