trip to Bukit Kluang with my gangs :)

After a week of volunteer work with Dr. Mokhtar we decided to have a picnic in Bukit Kluang. we woke up at 5.30 am just to fry the French fries, Erni cooked some nasi goreng, Ain made some tuna sandwich while intan made some "telur dadar"..haha..what a team!

we didn't have to go far for holiday..Besut is just the best place for our tiny budget. many people love to come here because of the b-e-a-u-t-i-full scenery of whale-shape island and it's one of the most safest hill people can hike..

we hiked Bukit Kluang successfully!..(we're the champion!!..haha..we should have put some flag here..)

the weather was perfect. i just love the sunshine rays throughout Besut district in Terengganu. eventhough some of us had a short of breath during hiking, it was worth it because we did it together..we laughed a lot and throw a lot of jokes while hiking. we had a blast!

look! the whale-shape island! (the view from the top of the hill)

this is soo b-e-a-u-t-i-full!! (another view from the top)

at the top, we sat for a while joking around and gossiping. then, we took a deep breath calmly watched the greatness that Allah had created for us all. finally, we went down to have a picnic at the beach.

one last final view from the top..awwww..pity we had to leave

my phone was missing!!..(lupa nk simpan henset dulu..dah tenggelam)

what a feeeeeling.. :))

hi-5 jump guysss!!
till then, i rest my case. assalamualaikum wbt

p/s : i feel happy lately..Ya Allah..don't let this happiness causing me to forget You..

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