we are a survivor

emotional derangement. so much money had been wasted. so much weeping. broken hearted. yes, just say it. just say it that we are a survivor. we are women made of steel because we fight like a man. we look tender from the outside but we are strong from the inside. why? because we survive break ups. we are not afraid about what people would say about us. because Allah is the most merciful, we know someday we will find a better one.yes, we are single now but that doesn't mean we would not have a soulmate. 

we are single now because we want to prepare ourselves to be a better woman. as the matter of fact, we want to be a better muslim. when the time comes. InsyaAllah, Allah will put us in a better place. All we need is just to put a faith in Him so that all the bumps in the road we can swerve with ease.

p/s : girls, you survive break ups. walk with pride bebehhh!!

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