the soul of Ramadhan isn't coming yet

the fasting month is almost two weeks now. hopefully, i will be istiqamah in practicing terawih and all that
i hate myself lately, all these mazmumah traits are emerging in my own self. i try to get rid of them..but as i pursue  doing things i wanted, i feel like i'm the one who is good enough in this world (feeling riya', takjub, obsessive about diri sendiri)
why should i feel this way? isn't muslim should feel humble and taqwa to Allah..
i think i should change myself from now on, this fasting month should be the platform for me to get close to religion back..
Asma, please forget for a while about all the so called "success" that you wanted to achieve..if you feel takjub with will be screwed..if Allah doesn't show you the azab in dunya, He will show in the akhirat..which one do you want?

p/s : seriously..delete those mazmumah trait!

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