the power of sulking

i just passed my driving test. i'm so excited to drive when i got back in Sg. Buloh. i eagerly asked my dad to teach me until hi-way. this mid-semester break is a time for me to figure out myself back. Since today is Awal Muharram. i take this opportunity to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to all of my friends and readers out there ( i know there are not much readers of this lame..haha).
back to driving dad was reluctant to teach me driving..but I managed to make him teach because of the power of sulking that i have eversince i don't know when and how..

he said "dear, i don't feel safe seating at the passenger seat"
i said "pa, so when can i be pro like Mat (my younger brother)?"
then, sulking again..

even my youngest sister aged 5 y.o Nazrah said "alaa kak nor jgn la macam tu.."
my younger sister Sofiya said "alala..touching plak Kak Nor nih.."
then papa said "ok lah"

then..i smile.
i don't care how bad i am..but all i know i need to update this driving skill.
so..i ended up driving until hi-way Rawang.jammed road along Rawang-Sg. Buloh..a lot of cars horned at me because i ws quite slow driving..but that was okay..i need to prioritize my beloved passengers 
at my side :papa, at the back : my younger sisters : sofiya, Adila, Nazrah.

we went home safe & sound
that's important.

p/s : thank you papa for letting me to drive, thx for teaching me and a millions thx because you put your trust on me. go manual car!

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